The Advisory Board meets twice a year - the third Thursday in April and October. The meetings are held at the NDHHS building, 57 Regional Drive, Concord, NH and they are open to the public. Cart services and interpreters are provided.


Please contact Relay New Hampshire Outreach Specialist/CapTel Outreach Specialist at, when you are interested in attending a meeting.

  • Susan Wolf-Downes 
    Chair of the Advisory Board
    Executive Director of Northeast Deaf &
    Hard of Hearing Services (NDHHS)


  • Betty Burbank
    Deafblind Representative


  • Joan Case 
    Deafblind Representative


  • Dee Clanton
    Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Sarah Davis
    Senior Director Government Relations
    and Wholesale Strategies​

  • Vacant 
    Relay NH Outreach Specialist/
    CapTel Outreach Specialist

  • Vacant
    Person with Speech Disability Representative

  • Joan Marcoux 
    Department of Health and Human Services


  • Mary Beth Mothersell
    Senior Customer Relations Manager
    T-mobile Accessibility


  • Amanda Noonan 
    NH Public Utilities Commission Representative

  • Ricky Persons
    Advocate for NH Hard of Hearing Community


  • Madeline Olio Ruano
    Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) Representative


  • Chuck Saia
    Executive Director of Governor's
    Commission on Disability

  • Wendy Scott
    New Hampshire Department of Safety​


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